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Rollerblinds - The versatile choice for your windows

Choose a suitable sun protection solution with our rollerblinds that are manufactured exactly to your measurements

Fabric roller blinds are one of the most popular ways to cover the windows in a house or apartment.They provide protection against both heat and excessive sunlight in rooms or the eyes of passers-by.

Free-hanging fabric roller blinds - which can be turned to the ceiling or wall, the roller blinds may be larger than standard roller blinds, therefore they are dedicated to large windows. They are equipped with a simple and easy-to-use mechanism that takes up little space.

Internal fabric roller blinds are one of the most popular types of window covers.

Our custom-made window blinds are characterized by very good quality of materials and accessories - these features make them tastefully blend in with interiors of various decor. In addition, we have a very extensive color offer here; one of the widest compared to other types of inner covers. Thanks to this, internal fabric roller blinds go well not only with various styles of interior design, but also with the colors in which they are designed. Thus, they are a very universal solution when it comes to choosing the type of window cover.

Thanks to our attention to detail, the fabric blinds available at and store are characterized by high aesthetics and quality that go hand in hand with functionality.

The fabric roller blind is built in such a way that it can be adapted not only to the appearance, but also to the function of the rooms. Functionality is primarily related to the effectiveness of protecting rooms against excessive sunlight. Windows are responsible for 80% of the temperature in the rooms, if they are uncovered, there will be unbearable heat inside. A lowered internal roller blind on the window will allow you to shade the interior, which in turn will reduce the temperature in the house when it is hot outside. The shield against intense sunlight also protects walls, furniture and other finishing elements against unsightly fading. The functionality also applies to protecting the interior of the house from the view from the outside. Internal window blinds provide freedom and intimacy for residents. One cannot forget about the role of the internal roller blind in the already mentioned interior design. Different styles, in which they can be designed, require different color combinations - an extensive color palette of fabric roller blinds will allow them to be used in all rooms, thanks to which there will be harmony in the decoration of windows. The window space cannot dominate, it should be a tasteful complement and not overwhelm the whole. Especially if the windows are large.

In fabric roller blinds, the degree of light inflow is regulated by raising and lowering the material; there is no possibility to adjust the angle of light incidence. The fabric blind can be stopped anywhere on the glass thanks to the self-locking mechanism. A chain mechanism is used to lower/raise the blind. The whole fits perfectly into the window space; the fittings are light and tasteful, and the materials are of high quality. Their quality is influenced by their antistatic properties and impregnation, which translates into preventing excessive dust accumulation, and consequently guarantees the aesthetic appearance of the roller blind for a long time.

Internal fabric blinds, thanks to their extensive offer, can be easily adapted not only to the style of the interior, but also to its function. This is ensured by the types of roller shutter materials - the offer includes transparent materials with the ability to partially transmit light and blackout materials that do not let sunlight through. Custom-made roller blind materials that shade but do not obscure interiors will be perfect for offices, kitchens, living rooms or a combination of the last two, i.e. for rooms where most time is spent during the day. Then it becomes important that these rooms are sheltered from the sun during hot weather, but at the same time that you can use natural light in them. You can also choose a brighter color to enhance this effect. The same principle applies to smaller interiors with little space. Light colors and transparent fabrics will be more suitable here - light and bright colors will make the roller blind not optically reduce the rooms.

In turn, internal blackout blinds will pass the test in interiors where you rest, e.g. bedrooms, children's rooms. Total blackout is ensured by the rubber material of the blackout roller blinds. However, if this effect is not necessary or if we simply do not want to achieve it, then choosing a darker color will be a good solution; the room will be darker, but not completely dark. This solution can work well in children's rooms, which, firstly, may be afraid of complete darkness, and secondly, e.g. during their nap, parents/guardians want to check if everything is okay without having to turn on the light. By choosing the type and color of the roller blind material, you can freely adjust it to the function of any interior.