Pleated blinds PB-CF-VS1 Pleated blinds PB-CF-VS1

Pleated blinds - Versatile sun protection for medium-sized windows

Pleated blinds are very suitable for windows that need to be darkened or only dimmed

Pleated blinds are a modern solution to the problem of excessive sunlight in both homes and offices. At the same time, they play a decorative and protective function that protects our space from the eyes of neighbors and passers-by. They are also an excellent thermal insulation that prevents the rooms from heating up in the summer and prevents heat from radiating out in the winter.

The biggest advantage of pleats is their unique design. They differ from classic models of blinds by the lack of a roller tube, because the whole mechanism is based on two metal strips that enclose the material that forms an aesthetic accordion.

Depending on the model, they can be moved vertically in one or two directions over the entire window surface. This makes it possible to cover a selected part of the window without having to completely darken the interior. This flexible regulation can solve everyday problems caused by excessive sunlight or city lighting.