Build your own vertical blind Enigma Build your own vertical blind Enigma

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Step: 1 > Dimensions

When ordering, always state the exact outer dimensions of your vertical blinds. The height should include the rail located at the top, and the width should specify the lenght between the outer edges of the upper rail.

The fabric strips will hang within these dimensions.

Configurator vertical blind enigma dimensions

NB: Dimensions stated here will be the dimensions of final product! We do not make any deductions from these measurements.

SPARE PARTS and other accessories are ordered as a separate order from our spare parts shop (only in Swedish)

Configurator vertical blind enigma dimensions

Step: 2 > Fabric Selector

Here you choose the fabric / material you want for your vertical blinds. You can browse among a variety of colors with different properties. Use the sort buttons to display the particular fabrics you are most interested in.

Note that the properties of the fabrics presented below include the properties of the material itself. An example: "100% darkening" means that the fabric itself does not allow any light at all, but it does not mean that the finished product itself guarantees 100% darkening of a room.

NB: Colors / fabrics displayed on your screen may not always be exactly the same as in reality. Therefore, you can order color samples from us to make sure you choose the right color before ordering.

Browse through all our available colors in our PDF catalogue

Order color samples (in Swedish) or contact us for help in English.


Step: 3 > Control type

Choose how you want to control your vertical blinds

000-Lamellgardin med lin reglage

Step: 4> Slat width

Choose the product type that matches your preferences


You must select the following before you can add the vertical blind enigma to cart

- You must enter the dimensions of your product

- You must select a fabric

- You must select a regulator

- You must select a product type

- You must make a choice for each option

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Clean configuration

Configuration - Vertical blind enigma

Configurator vertical blind enigma summary

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