Build your own uni cassette blind BU19C (Uni) Build your own uni cassette blind BU19C (Uni)

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Step: 1> enter Dimensions

This cassette is intended for mounting directly on the window frame only. If you want to order a cassette that can be mounted inside a niche or on a wall: click here for cassette Absolute

Feel free to start by reading the description of this product before you order so that you understand how it is designed and what degree of blackout you can expect.

NOTE! Important !! > If you can not accept that some light leakage can occur along the edges of the fabric where the fabric meets the side rail, choose another product instead.

To order a UNI type cassette, enter the glass strip width (X) at the widest point facing the room. Total width "A" for cassette will be: Type 1/2 (X + 30 mm) Type 3/4 (X + 54 mm)

As the height, enter the dimensions of the glass pane without deduction. Order a little more height if you have space on the window frame and want to achieve better blackout.

Note that cassette solutions that you order in this configurator are intended to be mounted on the outside of a window frame. If you want a solution that can be mounted directly on a wall or within a niche, you should choose cassette Absolute.

Configurator cassette uni roller blind dimensions
Configurator cassette uni roller blind dimensions

Fabric Selector

Observera att egenskaper för tyg som presenteras nedan omfattar själva dukens egenskaper, det betyder t.ex att : "100% mörkläggande" betyder: att själva duken  inte släpper igenom något ljus alls men det betyder inte att den färdiga produkten i sig garanterar 100% mörkläggning.


000-Kassettrullgardin UNI med kulkedja

000-kassett uni typ4 med fjadermekanism 001-kassett UNI typ 4 002-kassett UNI typ 4 reglage

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Configuration - Cassette uni roller blind

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