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Aluminium blinds in medium room

Aluminium blids - The well-known sun protection

The installation of blinds is one of the most effective ways to arrange windows - their design allows you to control both the intensity and the direction of the sun.

The aluminum slats rotated by 180 degrees ensure spectacular play with light and shadow that will change any interior.

In addition to the visual effects, they also protect against excessive heat, city lighting and the eyesight of neighbors.

The universal design and the wide range of colors make the aluminum blind a success in the bedroom, bathroom or living room, regardless of the style in which they are arranged. Increasingly, they are chosen for loft interiors, where the windows are very large and the rooms need both intimacy and enough sunlight.

Aluminum blinds are recommended for both small and large windows due to their versatility. They can be mounted in: many different ways including mounting inside openable glass frames (between the glass blinds)

Window covers have two important functions: they are to effectively protect the interior against excessive sunlight and to be an aesthetic complement to the decor of the house/apartment.

The functionality of aluminum blinds consists of several elements: Lamellas. Slats are horizontal longitudinal slats from which the blind is built. By controlling the blinds mechanism, we set them at the right angle so as to regulate the amount of light entering the room. We can also raise the slats and leave the entire surface of the glass exposed. However, the most important thing about blinds in terms of functionality is the ability to adjust the inclination of the slats. In this way, in the warmest time of the day, the windows are completely covered, and as time passes and changes in the angle of incidence of light, the position of the slats can be changed.

The shading of the rooms affects not only that we do not feel the discomfort associated with the sun's rays, but also helps to maintain a pleasantly cool temperature in the rooms during hot weather. Adjusting the inclination of the slats allows you to use daylight without having to open the windows and thus heat the apartment.

In the offer of aluminum blinds, you can choose slats with four widths: 16-25mm or 50mm. The size of the window determines the choice of the width of the slats. It is assumed that blinds with narrower slats, i.e. 25mm, are more suitable for smaller windows, they fit nicely into a smaller area and do not give the impression of "too big". On the other hand, wider blinds - 50mm, work well with larger eyes. Not only will they fit nicely with the windows, but it will also be easier to control them.

Installation. Installation of aluminum blinds is very simple, they can be placed on the window frame, in the window recess, on the wall or ceiling. The method of installation is influenced by the size of the cover, e.g. the smaller one can be placed on the window frame, while the larger one should be mounted to the wall or ceiling. Non-invasive installation is possible with aluminum blinds with a slat width of 25mm (without a cassette).

Control. Aluminum blinds can be operated manually using a mechanism located on the right or left side (selection is made when ordering) or electrically using a remote control.

Cleaning. Aluminum blinds can be cleaned in three different ways: with a special brush that will thoroughly sweep the dust between the slats, by washing the slats with a damp cloth dipped in water with a mild detergent, periodically removing the covers and washing them in water with a mild detergent.

Aluminum blinds are not only functional, but also aesthetic. The extensive offer allows you to easily match them to the interior design, its character and colors.

The colors of aluminum blinds are the most extensive among all types of covers, and new colors appear in the palette every now and then. So there is no problem with matching them to the color of window frames, walls or furniture. An extensive palette of colors gives the possibility not only to integrate them into the decor, but also to match them to the functions of the rooms: in the living rooms or kitchen, we can use lighter colors, and, for example, in the bedrooms, darker colors, giving better darkness. Black aluminum blinds will be perfect here. The palette extends from white, through pastel, subdued colors, and then more intense, to black.