Build your own horizontal blinds Build your own horizontal blinds

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In this configurator, you order any horisontal blind with aluminum slats.

Depending on which dimensions you choose, these options are presented, which are available for your specific needs.

It is therefore important that you always start by stating the dimensions of your product (if you just want to check prices, you can state approximate dimensions)

INSTALL 50 mm Basic   INSTALL 25 mm V-13  INSTALL 35 mm Diplomat

Step: 1 > Dimensions

Start by specifying the total width and height of the blinds, including controls. You can make deductions on your own if necessary. Read more about these dimensions here (opens in a new tab).

Don't know your dimensions but want to check the price? Then specify any approximate dimensions. NB: You cannot preview the final product price if dimensions aren't added in this step!

Tip: When ordering multiple blinds, start by specifying the dimensions for the largest blind. This will enable the most configuration options for you to choose from.

Configurator horizontal blind dimensions

NB: Dimensions stated here will be the dimensions of final product! We do not make any deductions from these measurements.

SPARE PARTS and other accessories are ordered as a separate order from our spare parts shop (only in Swedish)

Configurator horizontal blind dimensions

Step: 4 > Slat width

Here you select a slat width. You will be shown alternatives that work with the dimensions that you specified in Step 1.
The traditional standard blind has a slat width of 25 mm.

The suggested width is indicated by a blue color, but you have the option of selecting any of the available choices. The prices shown in this section are approximate, always look at "Your total price" to see exactly how the different options affect the final price of your roller blind.


Step: 2 > Slats Selector

Here you can choose the color for the slats on your blinds.
Note that you can choose from the collection that corresponds to your chosen slat width in Step: 2

PDF catalogs for a quick overiew: 16 mm --- 25 mm --- 35 mm --- 50 mm --- Textiles

NB: Colors displayed on your screen may not always be exactly the same as in reality. Therefore, you can order color samples from us to make sure you choose the right color before ordering.

Step: 3 > Control type

Choose how you want to control your horizontal blind

000-Aluminiumpersienn för mellanglas montering mellanglaspersienn

MInsta bredd = 170 mm Manövrering sker via ett snöre och en vridstång som sitter monterad på fönsterbågen, medan själva persiennen är inmonterad inuti fönstret (mellan fönsterbågarna).

002-Persienner med Frihöngande styrning A Uppdrag Left Vrid right 003-Aluminiumpersienner med Frihangande styrning B Uppdrag Right Vrid left 004-Frihängande persienner schema Frihängande styrning A 005-Frihangande aluminiumperisenner styrning typ B

001-Frihangande styrning C Vanster bild 002-Frihangande styrning D Hoger bild 003-Frihangande styrning C Vanster 004-Frihangande styrning D Hoger

000-AluminiumPersienn special med PC ogla reglage

000-aluminiumpersienner med kulkedja

Aluminiumpersienner med reglagetyp monomagic

Minsta bredd = 370 mm Med denna styrning har du ett gemensamt reglage för både skevning och upp-/neddragning. Skevning sker som vanligt genom att vrida reglaget och upp-/neddragning sker genom att dra upp och ner det integrerat snöret. Snöret kan sedan fästas i en liten hållare som sitter på reglaget.

000-Aluminiumpersienn med inbyggd elmotor 24V DC

Minsta bredd = 510 mm. Denna motortyp är speciellt anpassad till mindre typer av solskyddsprodukter och drivs från en 24V DC transformator.

000-Vario persienn med pc ogla

000-aluminiumperisenn med täcklist Harmony


You must select the following before you can add the horizontal blind to cart

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- You must select a fabric

- You must select a regulator

- You must select a product type

- You must make a choice for each option

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