Aluminium horizontal blinds 35 mm Aluminium horizontal blinds 35 mm

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Step: 1 > Dimensions

Start by specifying the total width and height of the blinds, including controls. You can make deductions on your own if necessary. Read more about these dimensions here (opens in a new tab).

Don't know your dimensions but want to check the price? Then specify any approximate dimensions. NB: You cannot preview the final product price if dimensions aren't added in this step!

Tip: When ordering multiple blinds, start by specifying the dimensions for the largest blind. This will enable the most configuration options for you to choose from.

Configurator horizontal blind alu 35mm dimensions
Configurator horizontal blind alu 35mm dimensions

Step: 2 > Slats Selector

Here you can choose the color for the slats on your blinds.
Note that you can choose from the collection that corresponds to your chosen slat width in Step: 2

PDF catalogs for a quick overiew: 16 mm --- 25 mm --- 35 mm --- 50 mm --- Textiles

NB: Colors displayed on your screen may not always be exactly the same as in reality. Therefore, you can order color samples from us to make sure you choose the right color before ordering.

000-Diplomat 35 mm ALU lin reglage.jfif

Reglage sker med hjälp av en linor som vinklar lameller och uppdragssnöre att lyfta persiennen med

000-HBA DT35 reglage vridstång

000-Mellanglas persienn Diplomat 35 mm 001-snap 0955 002-snap 0956

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Configuration - Horizontal blind alu 35mm

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