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Duo-rullgardin dag och natt

Duo-blind - elegant and comfortable light control

Blinds for day and night are also called Duo curtains and are one of the most common models of window protection.

What makes them so popular with both architects and amateurs in interior design? It's simple - they combine the best features of fabric blinds and blinds to keep light and integrity under total control.

Duo curtains can be ordered from us in three versions

Free-hanging, which thanks to mounting on a wall or ceiling is perfect for large windows.

Non-invasive, which is dedicated to people who want to avoid drilling into the walls or disturbing the window frame.

In a cassette in which the material is hidden in an aesthetic cassette. Thanks to additional rails, the roller shutter does not stick out from the glass, even when the window is open.

Custom-made day-night window blinds are one of the most modern types of internal window covers.

They are characterized by both efficiency in protecting interiors from excessive sunlight and high aesthetics, which makes them a unique decoration of windows and rooms. What attracts the most attention in custom-made day-night blinds is their unique appearance. They consist of two layers of material: one transparent and the other opaque. The fabric arranged in this way creates alternating stripes. That is why day and night window blinds are also called zebra or duo.

The alternating arrangement of materials also translates into functionality. In the practice of use, you can freely adjust the position of the fabric; this means setting it only in the transparent position, only obscuring it or in any degree of overlapping. In this way, we regulate the degree of shading of the interior. On cloudy days or in the evening, the interiors are covered with a more delicate layer and are always protected from the outside view. On the other hand, during hot weather (e.g. when we leave the house), the house / apartment is completely darkened by setting the stripes only in the non-transparent position. In this way, when we return home, we find a nice coolness. This function also works very well at night, especially if the apartment is located in the city center and is exposed to intense, artificial light of city installations. In turn, the possibility of setting the strips of fabric alternately translates into adjustment of the degree and angle of the sun's rays, without the need to raise the blind and uncover the glass. The more the transparent part is exposed, the more natural light enters the interior. This is a very useful feature considering variables such as which side of the world the window of the room faces and the time of day that affects the intensity of the sun.

Day and night window blinds will work in any room, they will be functional in the kitchen and in the living room or in a larger space if the kitchen and living room are combined, they are also suitable for large windows. They can also be used in the bedroom, children's room or bathroom. The versatility of day and night blinds is important because one type of covers can be used throughout the house. Thanks to this, the interior design is consistent and harmonious.

Persiennbutiken's offer is so extensive that the day-night roller blinds can be adapted to the interior design, interior functions and the size of the interior, and thus the size of the windows that are in them.