Build your own roller blind Build your own roller blind

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In this configurator, you order blinds in many different designs. Always start by specifying width x height so that we can present products that fit your desired size.

Depending on your measurements, we will present different solutions, control variants, and other options for your blinds to fulfill all your wishes.

Step: 1 > Dimensions

Start by specifying the total width and height of the roller blinds, including controls.
You can make deductions on your own if necessary. Read more about these dimensions here (opens in a new tab).

Tip: When ordering multiple roller blinds, start by entering the dimensions for the largest roller blind. This will enable the most configuration options for you to choose from.

Configurator roller blind dimensions
Configurator roller blind dimensions

Rullgardin med kulkedja

Rullgardin med inbyggd elmotor 24 VDC

rullgardin med inbyggd motor 230 vac

Rullgardin med stavreglage och motorstyrning Coulisse CM 03 05

Sammankopplade multilink rullgardiner

Här beställer du en extra Multilänk gardin av typen: RT 40/45 som skall kopplas på den huvud-gardin du beställt med drivning



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Configuration - Roller blind

Configurator roller blind summary

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