Build your own cassette roller blind CAXC (Absolute) Build your own cassette roller blind CAXC (Absolute)

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Step: 1> enter Dimensions

Feel free to watch our video where we explain the differences between regular blinds and cassette blinds.

Start by specifying the total width and height of your cassette blind, including the top cassette. You must make sure to deduct the width if necessary.

Tip: When ordering several cassette blinds, always start by specifying the dimensions of the largest curtain. This increases the chance that you can use the same fabric and other choices if desired on all blinds.

Note that cassette solutions that you order in this configurator are intended to be mounted in the Window NISCH or on the outside of a wall above the window niche. If you want a solution that can be mounted directly on the window frame, you should order Cassette UNI instead.

Side rails for CASC and CAMC width = 51 mm

Total width A = OB + (2 x 51 mm) + extra?

Configurator casette roller blind dimensions
Configurator casette roller blind dimensions

kassettrullgardin med kulkedja

kassettrullgardin med inbygg elmotor 230 VAC

kassettrullgardin med inbyggd elmotor 24V DC


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Configuration - Casette roller blind

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