Build your own bamboo horizontal blinds Build your own bamboo horizontal blinds

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Here you order custom-made bamboo blinds based on quality bamboo slats of glazed bamboo slats. Depending on the size you request, you will be able to choose from different types and solutions. Always start by specifying the dimensions Width x Height in order to then be able to configure a suitable bamboo blind variant.

MONTERING 50 mm Basic   Montering 25 mm V-13  Montering 35 mm Diplomat


Total width and height of horizontal blind, including regulator

Configurator bamboo horizontal blind dimensions
Configurator bamboo horizontal blind dimensions

Slat width

Here you select a slat width. The suggested width is indicated by blue colour, but you have the option of selecting any of the available choices. The prices which are shown in this section are approximates, always look at the "Your total price" to see exactly how the various choices affect the price.

Slats Selector

Choose which slat you want for your bamboo horizontal blind. Use the various filters below in order to find a slat which matches your needs.


Choose how you want to regulate your bamboo horizontal blind

000-Frihangande styrning C Vanster

Min.bredd = 370 mm

000-Frihangande styrning A

000-styrning diplomat wood linor

000-HBB B50 BB50 reglagetyp Linor

Vridning av lameller sker med hjälp av linor och uppdrag med snören

000-HBB B50 BB50 reglagetyp Lina och vridpinne

Vridning av lameller sker med en vrid-pinne och uppdrag med snören


You must select the following before you can add the bamboo horizontal blind to cart

- You must enter the dimensions of your product

- You must select a fabric

- You must select a regulator

- You must select a product type

- You must make a choice for each option

Number of wanted bamboo horizontal blinds with current configuration:

Your total price for the current configuration:


Clean configuration

Configuration - Bamboo horizontal blind

Configurator bamboo horizontal blind summary

Total measurements (AxH):

Slat name: 


Product type: