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Pleated blinds - Where do you want to start?

Pleated blinds are very suitable for windows that need to be darkened or only dimmed

Pleated blinds are a modern solution to the problem of excessive sunlight in both homes and offices. At the same time, they play a decorative and protective function that protects our space from the eyes of neighbors and passers-by. They are also an excellent thermal insulation that prevents the rooms from heating up in the summer and prevents heat from radiating out in the winter.

The biggest advantage of pleats is their unique design. They differ from classic models of blinds by the lack of a roller tube, because the whole mechanism is based on two metal strips that enclose the material that forms an aesthetic accordion.

Depending on the model, they can be moved vertically in one or two directions over the entire window surface. This makes it possible to cover a selected part of the window without having to completely darken the interior. This flexible regulation can solve everyday problems caused by excessive sunlight or city lighting. .

Pleated blinds or pleats are one of the most modern and at the same time the most original ways to cover windows. What distinguishes them from other internal covers is the possibility of setting the roller blind material in any place of the glass - top, bottom or center. In addition, pleats are very versatile; they can also be installed in windows of unusual shapes, e.g. arches, in roof windows, in large window spaces, including winter gardens.

Large windows are one of the mandatory elements in modern architecture, both in public buildings and in private homes. The well-lit interior is spacious, and the comfort of staying in it is very high. However, it is equally important to cover the windows in hot weather (they are responsible for heating up the rooms in as much as 80%), so that the interiors do not become unbearably hot, and to cover them when people inside want to have intimacy. Pleated blinds will effectively protect the rooms from the sun and the view from the outside, and will also be a tasteful element of interior design.

Window space is one of the key elements of interior design. Pleated blinds will fit perfectly into the window, thanks to which they will complement the appearance of the interior, not dominate it. An extensive offer in terms of colors of materials and accessories as well as fabric textures will allow you to match the pleats to the design of the interior. There is no need to use a cassette, thanks to which they take up less space and adhere very well to the windows.

Pleated blinds have many advantages related to their appearance, method of assembly and versatility of applications.

This type of blinds has been designed so that the cover material can be placed anywhere in the window pane. The fabric is placed between two rails (profile) that can slide along the window frame, up and down. In this way, the cover can be located in the upper part of the window, in the middle (slid down from the top and bottom) or at the bottom; naturally, it can also be stretched over the entire surface of the window. What also attracts attention in these roller blinds is the appearance resulting from their name - the material forms a characteristic pleat, visible even when fully extended. An innovative solution and advantage of the pleats is also the fact that the accessories (profile) can be mounted not only vertically, but also horizontally. A horizontally mounted roller blind functions identically to a standard roller blind, except that the fabric slides along the bottom and top of the window frame.

The versatility of pleated blinds is another advantage worth paying attention to. Persienner-online online store sells covers manufactured to the individually specified size when placing an order. The same is true for pleats; custom-made pleated blinds can be adapted to windows of various, also non-standard dimensions, e.g. large glazing, winter gardens. But that's not all. Pleated blinds can be adapted not only to non-standard dimensions, but also to non-standard shapes, i.e. oval, arched or trapezoidal windows. They can also be installed in roof windows. The rooms in the attic are particularly exposed to excessive heating, because not only the window panes, but also the entire roof surface heats up. Roof pleated blinds effectively prevent excessive insolation, and thus overheating of rooms located in the attic.

Installation of this type of covers is simple and can be non-invasive. Non-invasive window pleated blinds are installed using special holders. Another option is to screw them to the glazing beads or to the window frame. There is no cassette here.

The variety of colors of the accessories and fabrics as well as the variety of textures of the materials give many possibilities for arranging pleated blinds in the interior. The textures of the materials also allow you to adjust the pleat to the function of the rooms and their size. More delicate and transparent materials will work very well in rooms that should be illuminated even with the pleat covered, i.e. in living rooms or kitchens connected to the living room, as well as in work rooms. This type of fabric will also be used in smaller interiors; lighting will make them not appear optically smaller. On the other hand, blackout pleats that block the flow of light are an ideal solution for bedrooms or rooms in the attic. By cutting off the sun, you can measurably reduce the temperature in the rooms during hot weather; blackout will also work at night if the house is located in the city center, where there is a lot of artificial light at night

Pleated blinds are considered ideal for children's rooms. They are not equipped with hanging strings, chains or other elements that children can swallow, so they will be safe for the youngest.

The pleats are controlled manually by moving the slats up/down. There is also an option to use electric control.