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Step: 1 > Dimensions

Start by specifying the total width and height of the roller blinds, including controls.
You can make deductions on your own if necessary. Read more about these dimensions here (opens in a new tab).

Tip: When ordering multiple roller blinds, start by entering the dimensions for the largest roller blind. This will enable the most configuration options for you to choose from.

Configurator Projektorscreen-fabric dimensions

NB: Dimensions stated here will be the dimensions of final product! We do not make any deductions from these measurements.

SPARE PARTS and other accessories are ordered as a separate order from our spare parts shop (only in Swedish)

Configurator Projektorscreen-fabric dimensions

Step: 2 > Fabric Selector

Choose which fabric/material you want on your roller blind. Below you'll find up to 60 different colors (10 pages) to choose from. Feel free to limit your selection by choosing a specific color shade or specific design / features so that you can get the most relevant fabrics.

PDF catalogs for a quick overview: UNI catalog (fabrics without patterns) or: Design catalog (fabrics with patterns / texture)

Note that the properties of the fabrics presented below include the properties of the material itself. An example: "100% darkening" means that the fabric itself does not allow any light at all, but it does not mean that the finished product itself guarantees 100% darkening of a room.

NB: Colors / fabrics displayed on your screen may not always be exactly the same as in reality. Therefore, you can order color samples from us to make sure you choose the right color before ordering.

For extra wide roller blinds (over 200 cm width) we recommend that you choose fabrics which width is stated to be at least as large as your desired width. If the fabric is smaller, we can still produce a functioning roller blind, but the fabric may get unwanted bending along the edges.

Step: 3 > Control type

Choose how you want to control your roller blinds


000-Metervara projektorduk 1961430751

Välj denna om ett av dina mått inte kräver avklippning, dv.s att du utnyttjar dukens standard-breddmått (3000 eller 2000 mm) som din angivna bredd

000-projektorduk dubbelklipp cut vert dimensions 1961430751 2fb902f40b184f22c05708b78623

Välj denna variant om din duk kommer INTE att ha ett av dessa fasta mått: 3000 / 2000 / 1500 mm

Step: 4 > Product types & Pipe Dimensions

Here you select the diameter of the pipe around which the fabric is rolled up, the size and design of the curtain holders are affected by this choice.

The prices shown in this section are approximate, always look at "Your total price" to see exactly how the different options affect the final price of your roller blind.


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